Packaged Burners

A complete packaged burner system includes burner, fan, windbox, piping, wiring, flame safeguard, and control systems properly matched and assembled. This results in minimal installation cost and reduced start-up time with single responsibility. For the system to function properly and provide reliable, efficient operation, all elements must be suitably sized and related to each other. When you specify and purchase a TEC packaged burner system you get the advantage of our experience in providing quality components designed and engineered into an integrated unit, offering many years of efficient, trouble free performance.

Our packaged burner system has following features:

1. Low Excess Air Burner System- for NOx reduction.

2. Forced Flue Gas Recalculation with Forced Draft Fan, Silencer (if required), and Air Flow Outlet Damper, design to operate as required to meet low emission levels.

3. Ignitor and Ignitor Gas Train with Gas Pressure Regulator design to produce a stable ignition flame when supplied with natural gas at the pressure specified.

4. Fuel Oil Train with Oil Pressure Regulator.

5. Main Gas Train with Main Gas Pressure Regulator.

6. Atomizing Air Train with Atomizing Air Solenoid Shut-off.

7. Microprocessor Flame Safeguard System. This system is designed to insure safe purge, light off, and shutdown procedures, and to monitor pilot, main flame, and boiler operating conditions.

8. Microprocessor Based Combustion Controls, designed to control pressure or temperature by injecting fuel and air in the correct proportions for best combustion.

9. Combustion Motor Starter.

10.Instrumentation System- designed to to indicate, integrate, and record all information.

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