Burner Registers

Packaged Burner Systems

The high cost of fuel, the need of energy conservation, and reduction of air pollution, makes the requirement for the most energy efficient fuel burning equipment with minimal pollutants an absolute necessity.

The Engineer Company has stressed these needs in its current burner equipment designs and only offers “low excess air” fuel burning systems. Achieving “low excess air” combustion requires not only excellently balanced air distribution but highly efficient and uniform mixing with the air as well.

Our “E” register, is the versatile register of unsurpassed quality and construction provides complete flexibility in application of TEC fuel burning equipment. Our “ELX” register provides flame shaping to suit furnace configuration. Because of its rugged construction it is ideally suited for high temperature air applications and gives years of trouble free operation.

Register features:

1. Chain and Sprocket Louver Drive.

2. 5/8" Thick Top and Bottom Plates.

3. Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise Rotation by Turning Hand Wheel

4. Cast Iron Louvers with S.S. Shafts.

5. Louver Shafts Set in Carbon Bushings

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